use for blowing
Blow, hoover, exhaust, cool, transport, air cushion
The gas and heavy oil gush out firing Wash the bottle machine and dries up Can collect all the bits automatically after cut the Paper
high wind pressure (2.000mmAq) and enough wind amount, can ligh tenning your reliance to the air com press horizontal. empty bottle of beverage are water-washed, suitable for the food industry. plastic, cloth, paper, etc, out.
It is dry to use the air knife Air cushion The domestic animal excrement ferments' fierceness gas
electron industry can make use of forced draught blower to blowdown the small dust and water droplet. increasing the buoyancy, easy to move. entering domestic animal's excrement trough flirtatiously with the high-pressure air, it is exposed to the area to increase domestic animal excrement and air. Also suitable for the sewage disposal of the public hazards.
Subpoena transport The electrolytic liquid mix round The oxygen supply in breed aquatics
it regards air as motive force to be fast also really to transport file. makes use of air to stir the electrolytic trough, make the electrolyte circulate, and repel adhering to the bubble and make electroplate rapidly, the result is even. (export holes with the best of 4mm) water in the pool.
Puncher machine Powder body transport Combustion-supporting discharge with the waste gas of the incinerator
convenient to is it press product of taking shape after to take out. powder body grains of body, etc. air of raw materials transport. atmdspherical help blaze and exhaust
The exhaust gas blows smoking Wash the car and dry up Print and force dryness
discharging rapidly by the scattered exhaust gas that appears, so as not to cause pollution. blow the moisture content to dry after having car machine washing. enabling the printing color to dry fast.
Dry up after cleaning    
moisture content or oil gas after cleaning break away from arficles rapidly.    
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