use for indraft
Blow, hoover, exhaust, cool, transport, air cushion
The sucking of the printing machine of network edition Eject the exhaust gas and dust produced while welding drawing The weave cotton machine suck silk
printed matter utilize the pressure of sucking to be regular, in order to make it easy for print. acuum way is arranged to the elsewhere, ensure operators to be healthy. absorb the moisture content and regular end of a thread, improve the quality and efficiency of the products.
Photo-engraving The powder body transports Print suck
make use of vacuum suction to keep films, make it smooth, is suitable for photo-engraving industry. granular object, for instance plastic raw materials, etc., can make use of the atmospheric pressure (blows) or the vacuum suction to accomplish the task of sending. vacuum suck printing paper is it transfer by molding.
Industry hoover Vacuum dehydrate Make books machine
in the factory for bits platform of remaining etc., it is the all right it have Fig. it have the clean the ways. the paper pulp dehydrates, pollution dehydrates, the cloth dehydrates etc. cut off books when keep sucking.
Incomplete cloth deal with Ox milk paper carton filling machine Bean curd machinery
cloth cutting treatment ox milk vacuum that box is fill attract and utilize. ttracting the soybean wheel to give, clean and use to cleaning the trough.
Keeping processing Defence works scene Iron cloth machine
block of processing thing, plastic, etc. using regularly for some un-magnetism object's fixing. for remove the part of the tunnel and narrow and small part's dust and poisonous gas. spend to discharge the vapour when ironning cloth.
The gas resolves    
using the attraction of the gas resolves device.    
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