Taizhou haihong pump mechanical & electrical co., ltd. is a factory which is professional in making kinds of absorbing and sending gas devices. It is also one of the main manufacturer. The main products are tje HG series of vortex gas pumps, the ACO series of electromagnetism pumps, the MPQ series of direct current adding oxygen pumps, middle and small size roze fans, etc. The products are widely used for clothes, printing, paper making, aquiculture, liquid waste disposing, adding oxygen, photoengraving, industry absorbing, heliograph, powder and grain feeding, work scene, etc. Our factory passed the CCC authentication in 2003, and passed the certificate of CE Standard in 2006. which assureed the security quality of the products. The technology of our factory is advanced. we imported and used the international advanced technology to make the fight of the quality. Now our products are exported to European countries and America. There are over 300 distributors by special arrangement sellors all over China to provide best service. Welcome all user to our factory.
001. Wind leaf
002. Wind cover
003. Wind barrel
004. Rotor
005. Foot in charge of spacer
006. Disappear sound iron network
006-1. Disappear sound sponge
007. Motor
007-1. The back cover of the motor
007-2. Heat dissipation iron cover
007-3. Terminal box & cover/wiring board
007-3-1. Wiring board
008. Foot tube
009. Foot base
011. PF 2"-out/enter tooth bole
012-1. Spacer 4mm
012-2. T=2.5-space
013. 18pp-heat dissipation leaf
014. 8*10*30 Key
015. Wave spacer
016. Bearing cover
017. Rings M8
018. Bearing-#6202zz
019. Bearing-#6206zz
020. Seal-cotton
021. Oil seal-#35477
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